The Business Coaching Foundation

The Business Coaching Foundation have their headquarters in Nottingham, UK and have business coaching courses including accredited ILM qualifications scheduled across the country. They also provide in-house and one to one business and executive coaching sessions for teams and individuals anywhere in the world. Clients range from sole traders right through to senior executives in large blue chip corporations. Find out more by viewing the Business Coaching Foundation's profile page. Business Coaching

Pansophix is a training and development website, linked to by many prestigious educational facilities such as universities in the UK and abroad. Visit the business Coaching and Mentoring section of the site at

A website looking at the rise to prominance and increasing popularity of business coaching and how managers can provide business coaching to their own employees in order to improve their performance in the workplace -

Be a Business Coach

Becoming a business coach and mentor is extremely rewarding as you help shape and develop the progress of individuals within a corporate environment. Visit Be a Business Coach for information on becoming a business coach -

Business Coaching Growth

This new website at looks at how business coaching can be used by managers to grow their business, either through improving their own contribution or that of their employees.

Business Coaching Answers

Anybody with little or no knowledge about what business coaching is all about will have questions to which they seek answers to. Business Coaching Answers ( aims to answer popular coaching and mentoring questions.

My Business Coaching Success

A personal account as to how business coaching can help you as an individual to be a more productive and, above all, a happier employee -

Designing Coaching Courses

Although they may follow smiilar themes, no two business coaching meetings will ever be the same, thanks to the individualised nature of coaching. Therefore, the design of a business coaching programme will be imperative to success and achieving objectives. This is an essential skill acquired by experienced business coaches.

Information on purchasing business coaching, such as the costing and budgetary requirements for the provision of coaching and mentoring for your staff members -

UK Business Training

A website devoted to the professional development of both managers and employees for the benefit of the business. The UK Business Training wesbsite contains sections on management training, sales skills and health & safety training, including articles on topics such as the benefit and disadvantages of online courses.